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PA4C Projects


What your donations can buy

$ 10 per month School equipment & stationery
$ 10 per month Firewood
$ 20 Medical supplies for elderly people
$ 25 per month 25kg bag of rice to feed a family
$ 80 Materials to build a chicken pen
$ 120 Cooking equipment, serving bowls & spoon
$ 300 Clothing & footwear for 20 children
$ 350 Water well, pump & water filter ($60)
$ 350 Building a hut (house) for a family
$ 360 per year Sponsorship of an orphan
$ 480 Building sanitary toilets / lease on land

About Dr. Rinna Ly

"Treating people with dignity is the centre of my concern and that is often done but not only sharing my skills, knowledge, money and talent, but my humanity", and "Thank you all for supporting us to help less fortunate people and children in Cambodia", Dr. Ly said

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